Welcome to the Official Homepage of the Team Liberty Podcast and the show host Shane LaCroix.  The Team Liberty Podcast is weekly podcast hosted by Constitutional Libertarian Shane LaCroix where he gives independent analysis on all subjects and discusses politics from a Christian point of view.  It is the show that questions what is going on in politics and society and ask the questions that people want to hear the answers to and are to afraid to ask in public.

Shane LaCroix is a constitutional libertarian who believes in what this country was founded upon by our forefathers.  I will defend this country and what it was founded on til the day I die.  I believe in free speech of all people wither I agree or disagree with what the person is saying.  I am also a born-again christian who believes in the father, son, and holy ghost.  So people may not believe in my religious beliefs but please respect them as I respect your religious beliefs.

On my educational background I am a high school and community college graduate with an associate degree in Business Administration with Concentration in Marketing and Retailing.   After I get my Associates Degree , I was planning to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Appalachian State University but I realized that was not my calling.



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