NFL Commissioner Will Not Admit Obvious Between Ratings And Protest

In a December 12th, 2017 interview with the hosts of CNBC’s show First On CNBC, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that he does not “take your premise at all” that the National Football League’s decline in ratings signals that “the best days for NFL ratings” are over and done with.

Goodell has found himself involved in the controversy over the NFL players’ protests that exploded in September.  That is when President Donald Trump called out the coaches to discipline the players who refused to stand for and respect our national anthem. This protest was started by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick during the 2016 season.  Since the start of the protest the viewership ratings of the National Football League has dropped like a rock.

Host Melissa Lee asked Goodell “So when we see viewership in week 10 for the NFL down 18 percent, which brings the whole year to a decline of 7 percent according to JPMorgan, is that a secular decline?”  To which the NFL Commissioner responded “Well, I think, let’s step back and talk about what’s happening to ratings overall: The NFL’s ratings are 25 out of 30 in the top-rated shows in sports in all of entertainment this year.  I don’t take your premise at all. I would say that fans are going to different devices to consume media. And you have to be on those devices.”

CNBC anchor Joe Kernan said “parts of society” are “mad about kneeling” before he asked Goodell if the national anthem controversy had any effect to the lower attendance rates.  Kernan asked Goodell, “How do you explain what’s happening?”

The commissioner commented that attendance ratings are down 1 percent, but attributed much of that to a few key teams undergoing “major changes.”  Goodell said “We’re very pleased where our attendance is.  We always want to see those numbers go up.”

When asked about the empty seats in the stadiums, Goodell waved them off by saying, “You always get that late in the season.”

It is inconceivable that Roger Goodell would be so delusional to think that the national anthem protest does not have anything to with the drop in the ratings or empty seats in the stadiums.  But then again what do you expect from liberals.

To see the whole CNBC interview with Roger Goodell click here.

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