NFL In Danger Zone With Week 14 Tickets

With the NFL still feeling the impact of the fans boycott over allowing its players to continue to protest the National Anthem, ticket prices are dropping to dramatic all-time lows.  If you was in Buffalo, New York this past Sunday December 10th and you wanted to watch the Buffalo Bills vs. the Indianapolis Colts at New Era Field you could have got a ticket for $2.  That’s right you read correctly, you could got a ticket for the low price of $2.

As noted in an article posted by The Blaze:

“According to Vivid Seats, a ticket reselling website, tickets for Sunday’s matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts sold for as little as $2. (Yes, you read that right.) Even the stadium’s best seats — in the lower part of the stadium near the 50-yard-line — were selling for just $29. […]

That was the ticket scene across the NFL on Sunday. Tickets for the Carolina Panthers game went for a little as $7, while fans could see the Green Bay Packers for as cheap as $12.

Not every team’s tickets are in the basement, but they’re also not at the same level they were just a few years ago. Tickets to see the Dallas Cowboys later this month are going for as little as $10, while tickets for the Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the league’s most popular teams, are going for a fraction of what they used to.

Embarrassingly, as a New York newspaper noted, tickets for a college hockey game in the Buffalo area went for $28 this weekend — a whopping 1,400 percent more expensive than the Bill’s cheapest tickets.”

And for the NFL Week 15 is not starting out good for them.  Tickets for the Thursday’s night game of the Denver Broncos vs. the Indianapolis Colts were available for $5.

Screenshot-2017-12-15 DANGER= NFL Ticket Prices Hit Rock Bottom As National Anthem Protest Backlash Extends Into Week 14

With the drop in attendance of NFL games, it is forcing Fox Sports to put out an ad for “fans” or actors to fill in for its pre-game broadcast for the Los Angeles Rams game.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the casting call went out asking actors to “Come out, bring your spirit, your best NFL gear & join us for NFL on Fox this Sunday!”

How the mighty NFL has fallen on hard times.  Such a shame but oh well NFL you made your bed by backing the players by allowing them to disrespecting out National Anthem and now you are having to pay the price for your ignorance.


One thought on “NFL In Danger Zone With Week 14 Tickets

  1. I am so glad to read that the NFL is suffering.
    I hope the whole organization goes BANKRUPT. Those racial thugs have it BETTER than in most other countries. They took their bigoted actions on the field and attacked white PLAYERS. Nothing buit thugs.


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