Celebrity Chef Says He Would Do This To President Trump’s Food

Anthony Bourdain, former Food Network personality and CNN’s Parts Unknown, told paparazzi outside of Los Angeles International Airport that if he asked to cater a dinner for President Trump, he would have something poisonous in the food.

That is right folks a television personality told a photojournalist for the celebrity gossip dirt website TMZ as he was caught outside of the airport.  Bourdain was also asked whether or not if he would go to North Korea to do a show.

Bourdain said there is no reason for him to go to North Korea because everyone is starving over there.  He also called the dictator of that oppressed nation names in a series of obscenities, saying Kim Jong-un is a “chubby, evil f***.”

Then that was when the interview turned dark.  When Bourdain was asked by the TMZ photojournalist what he would serve President Trump if he was asked to cater a dinner for the president.  Anthony Bourdain simply answered, “Hemlock,” which appears that Bourdain if given the chance would poison the president’s food.

This is not the first Anthony Bourdain has spoken out against President Trump.  On two occasions in 2016 Bourdain said he would “absolutely f*****g not” dine with Trump. After Trump won the election Bourdain insisted that he would boycott the restaurant located in Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel.

“I will never eat in his restaurant.  I have utter contempt for him, utter and complete contempt.”

Why has not the Secret Service or FBI visited Anthony Bourdain?  This is not normal behavior for a normal person but then again liberals are not of the normal mindset.

To see the interview of Anthony Bourdain by TMZ click here.

One thought on “Celebrity Chef Says He Would Do This To President Trump’s Food

  1. Why is it that so many liberals make threats against those they disagree with? Those making such threats should be closely monitored by the Federal Government. I especially find it interesting that they’re quick to complain and/or make threats to our current President, President Donald Trump, you know the one who supports and will defend the Constitution of these United States, unlike former President Obama who was involved in many scandals and regularly attacked the Bill of Rights.


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