If the NFL thought things could not get worse then they are gravely mistaken and this just may have a domino effect all across the Nation Football League.  Pizza chain Papa John’s made an announcement on Wednesday November 1st, 2017 that it is ending its advertising associated with the NFL, according to a report by Darren Rovell of ESPN.

Screenshot-2017-11-6 Darren Rovell on Twitter

In a tweet by Jonathan Maze of the Nation’s Restaurant News, the founder of Papa John’s John Schnatter said sales were down due to the “negative consumer sentiment” regarding the company’s sponsorship arrangement with the National Football League.  Schnatter also said the NFL was “an example of poor leadership.”

Screenshot-2017-11-6 Jonathan Maze on Twitter

According to the ratings reported from Nielsen the viewership of the NFL are down 7.5 percent compared to the viewership from last season.  Last year’s decline in the ratings could be chalked up to the 2016 presidential election but this year’s rating drop is due to the controversial protests of the players.

As more and more people are boycotting the NFL and its sponsors, both are starting feel the effects.  According to Jonathan Maze Papa John’s sales are down six percent due to its sponsorship deal.

Screenshot-2017-11-6 Jonathan Maze on Twitter(1)

This should be a lesson to the National Football League and its sponsors when you do not have respect for your fans which made you, and then you face the consequences of your actions.


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