California Governor Signs This Bill Into Law

Liberal California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 54 on October 5th, 2017 which officially made the state of California a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.

Senate bill 54, which is entitled “California Values Act” will go into effect in January 2018 and was released in a signing statement by the governor.  In the statement Brown explained what the bill does and does not allow.

The bill prohibits local law enforcement from asking about immigration status in the course of routine interactions and prohibits them from complying with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests. The bill further directs our Attorney General to promulgate model policies for local and state health, education, labor and judiciary officials to follow when they deal with immigration matters.”

So according to the liberal governor “This bill does not prevent or prohibit Immigration and Customs Enforcement or the Department of Homeland Security from doing their own work in any way,” said Brown in the signing letter.  The bill does not prohibit sheriffs from granting immigration authorities access to California jails to conduct routine interviews, nor does it prevent cooperation in deportation proceedings for anyone in state prison or for those in local jails for any of the hundreds of serious offenses listed in the TRUST Act.”

Also on October 5th, Brown signed several immigration bills into law that are very friendly to illegal aliens: AB 21, AB 291, AB 299, AB 343, AB 450, AB 699, SB 68, SB 156, and SB 257.  In a statement from the office of Governor Brown, he proudly proclaimed the signing of legislation to fund legal services illegal aliens “seeking naturalization and deportation defense,” also to provide health coverage for illegal aliens, the “California Dream Act” and a law to provide California driver licenses to illegal aliens.

The wonderful Governor Brown also signed legislation into effect that gives $30 million in financial aid and legal services to immigrant students and the ones who fall under the soon to be eliminated federal Obama program known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or better known as “DACA.”

This should show people how liberal the governor of California is and he is ruining the state of California, but if the people of California does not speak out about the injustices being forced upon them by this liberal governor then they have no one to blame but themselves.

3 thoughts on “California Governor Signs This Bill Into Law

  1. California people want to go along with the governor states then California you get what you deserve then you’re just as fucking bad is the rust him but please do not leave California stay there we don’t want you in our other states of the union bring your fucked up laws with you


  2. California is just seceded from the Union all federal monies Destin for California should be stopped and diverted to other states that need it more. Governor Brown should be arrested and held in jail for sedition and treason. This behavior this from an elected officials in California is makes your citizens act like petulant and title children All American should move away as fast as they can for be taken over by Foreign Nationals.


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