Lindsey Graham Makes Ridiculous Statement To Illegals

On October 4th, 2017 South Carolina GOP Senator Lindsey Graham addressed a group of about 100 young illegal aliens or so called “dreamers” on Capitol Hill and told them that they would make America a better place.

” All of you are going to have certainty in your lives. You’re going to get a chance to go out there and live that dream and you’ll make America a better place.”

I want to ask Lindsey Graham how the illegals would make America a better place.  By taking even more benefits from our veterans who truly deserve and need them.

On July 20, 2017 Lindsey Graham introduced Senate bill 1615 or The Dreamer Act of 2017 that is co-sponsored by Illinois Democrat Senator Richard Durbin who is known as the long time spokesman for amnesty for illegal aliens.  This legislation if passed would legalize at the least 780,000 young illegal aliens that was brought into the United States by their parents illegally and would also provide a fast-track pathway to citizenship.

Why should these illegal aliens think they deserve citizenship in the United States after they come here illegally? If they wanted to become United States citizens then they should have applied for citizenship just like several of our ancestors did at Ellis Island.  Americans strongly oppose the immigration policies that were set forth by former President Barack Obama.

This amnesty policy was put into place by former President Obama in June 2012.  The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy or better known as DACA temporarily protected young illegal aliens and it also issued them work permits.  Hopefully this program does not come back.

But  Lindsey Graham and his RINO and Democrat counterparts will kept saying that they are doing the people’s will by continuously pushing the amnesty issue.  At his meeting with the so called “dreamers” that “The American people have heard you.  They share your dream and overwhelmingly support your dream.”

Graham is another delusional globalist pawn that needs to be voted out of office along with McConnell and McCain in the 2018 midterm elections.


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