Poll Just Gave The NFL Some More Bad News

It has been just over a month since players, coaches, and even owners protested the American flag and National Anthem but according to a new survey poll completed by the Winston Group it just gave the NFL some more bad news.  The NFL has gone from being America’s favorite sport to the least liked of all the professional and college sports.

The Winston Poll was conducted from the end of August to the end of September and found that the favorable rating for the National Football League had dropped from 57% to 44% and the NFL had the highest unfavorable rating at 40% which was lowest of any sport.  But what was worse for the NFL, besides the declining ratings and empty seats in the stadiums, after a month of the protests and speech about them by President Donald Trump led to the exodus of the NFL’s core fan base men in the age 34-54 age bracket.  This is a clear indication that the ones in charge of the National Football League, especially the commissioner Roger Goodell, is not in touch with the fans.

Taking a deeper look at the poll showed that fans in August gave the NFL a 73% favorable and a 19% unfavorable rating to in September a rating of 42% favorable and 47% unfavorable.  That is a 31% drop in the favorable rating and a jump of 28% in the unfavorable rating and the worse thing is the National Football League is ignorant to the facts that the protest is killing them.

This should be a warning to all that if you mess with the American flag and the National Anthem of the United States, you better be ready for the consequences that come with the action.


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