Michigan Senate Poll Gives A Big Surprise To Debbie Stabenow

If you follow me you then will remember on July 16th I published an article that Kid Rock aka Robert Ritchie confirmed on July 12th, 2017 that his intentions is to run for the United States Senate seat in Michigan.  By making the announcement opt sent shockwaves through out the media and entertainment world and several of the so-called pundits dismissed this as nothing but a cheap publicity stunt.  Even though Kid Rock has not filed the official documentation to seek the office, he stated his clear intentions on Social Media and has even scoffed back at his critics by saying “the press is wrong.”

In the first Michigan Senate poll it shows that Kid Rock is ahead of the Democrat incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow by 4%.  By this poll it appears that Debbie Stabenow’s seat is up for grabs and that the screams from the real Republican base for Kid Rock to make his run official are growing louder day after day.  Kid Rock intends to run as a Republican and would probably have to beat out a crowded primary field to challenge Stabenow in 2018.

Delta Analytica conducted a poll from July 14-18 of 668 residents in Michigan to gauge Kid Rock’s chances in a hypothetical general election match up.


As you can see in the graph of the respondents who stated a preference between Kid Rock and Debbie Stabenow, an amazing 54% said they would vote for Kid Rock while only 46% would vote for Stabenow.  While 44% of the responses stated that they are undecided on whom they would vote for due to being such an early stage in the campaign.

These results not only indicates that Kid Rock is a popular figure in his home state and Debbie Stabenow is unpopular, but is shows that citizens of the United States are tired of the same ole same ole from the career politicians

Michigan was once known for being a part of the Democrats “Blue Wall” now has become a battleground for both Democrats and Republicans are fighting hard for the blue collar voters.  You know the blue collar voters, the working class, that helped Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election.  The question that is now being asked is will the support continue to other Republican candidates in the 2018 midterm elections.

It looks like Kid Rock will need to capitalize on this wave of the populist movement and promote his style through his song lyrics and that they will continue to appeal to those same Michigan voters even when he has not held any political office.

But we all know how that turned out in the 2016 presidential election when a candidate with no experience in any political office when to the American people and listened to them and became the 45th President of the United States of America.

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