Great American Cookies Suspends Employee That Bought A Brownie For Police Officer

If you thought liberal business managers could not stoop to any further lower levels of stupidness then you would be gravely mistaken.  Great American Cookies uses the marketing slogan “Share the Fun of Cookies” but, apparently the manager at the store in Katy Mills Mall does not go by that slogan.  The Katy, Texas store suspended 18 year old Zack Randolph for not being rude to a customer but for purchasing a brownie and given it to a police officer who regularly patrols the malls to keep it safe.  The reason for the suspension came after the person in line behind the officer complained about not having their item paid for.

Remember Randolph did not use his employee discount on the brownie or give it away for free; he actually took $2.75 out of his pocket and paid for the officer’s snack according to a report from the local Fox 26 affiliate.

Zack Randolph told the Fox 26 reporter “He’s just a really nice guy and on top of that he has a badge.  That’s enough for me to buy him something. That’s the least I can do.”  Tami Randolph, Zack’s mother added “He was told you know you’re probably going to get fired.”

To see the interview from Fox 26 click here.

What happened after Randolph’s gesture of appreciation toward the officer is truly unbelievable.  A man and woman behind the officer in line demanded that they get their desert for free.   That is when the situation escalated to the point that Zack had to go to a back room while the store’s assistant manager and a fellow employee dealt with the customers.  Randolph stated “He put his daughter down and came around to the side and was about to come back and come at me and thankfully my assistant manager and my co-worker stopped him.”

How did the Katy Mills Mall Great American Cookies management repay Zack Randolph for his good deed toward the police officer?  The store’s management notified Zack that he was in trouble.  He was wrote up and issued a one week suspension.  The written disciplinary action included a threat of termination if another incident happened again.  So I take that according to Katy Mill Mall Great American Cookie management that showing respect to law enforcement is a bad thing.

Zack’s mom posted on her Facebook page about the incident that happened to her son and it went viral.



With the increasing amount of pressure from the public, Great American Cookies rescinded the suspension of Zack Randolph.  In a statement released by the company that stated that they reviewed incident and came to the conclusion that “the employee was right” and that he was no longer in trouble and his suspension has been lifted.  The store manager wrote in the statement “We owe the employee an apology.”   Also in the statement the managers said that they reached out to Zack and his mom to resolve the situation.

This should be a warning to all liberals that when you try to attack someone that is doing right, you will be the one it backfires on.

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