You Will Not Believe What CNN Is Saying About All Americans Now

On Friday June 30th CNN’s show New Day invited the host of United Shades of America the race baiting Kamau Bell to discuss his upcoming episode that focuses on American stereotyping of Chinese Americans.  This show is produced to try and show how America is completely racist to all races.

CLARISSA WARD: Kamau Bell joins us now live. And I just wanted to ask about this idea. You know, Chinese-Americans, what’s their feeling of connection, or is there a strong feeling of connection, to China, which has become this kind of looming force on the world stage?

 KAMANU BELL: Well, I mean, I think that, you know, often America’s politicians and then also Americans in general who are not Chinese assume there’s some sort of strong connection to China. But when it comes back down to it, for many Chinese people, they’ve been in this country for maybe several generations. So they may have been to China, but they don’t have – they are Americans. They just happen to be Chinese-Americans. But we often force them to sort of answer for China’s sins because that’s how we work in this country. You are like those people, so you must be those people. So when really the show tonight – the show on Sunday is about how there’s a Chinese-American identity that is wholly – that is in some ways wholly separate from China.

 Seriously does Kamanu Bell really think that Americans blame other Americans who are of Chinese descent for what crimes China has committed?  You got to be kidding me.  It is very hard to take CNN seriously as a news network anymore when they keep pushing their narrative of everyone is racist.  Bell went on to claim that the only reason people are against undocumented immigration is because of politicians like Donald Trump.

“We allow people to appeal to our basic fears a lot of times and I think that that’s why President Trump is in office because he appealed to some of the basic fears of Americans, of some Americans. And so when you start to sell the fear, you forget the fact, you’re like, wait a minute, I actually do like my neighbors. I do like the undocumented Latino family across the street. They’re very nice. They’ve very helpful…”

When will CNN and all their liberal cronies learn that they can not continue to push the narrative that if you do not go along with what they say you are racist.  The arrogance of main stream media will be their downfall and by looking at the ratings they are getting they do not realize they are just about done.

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