Tragedy In Alexandria

On this past Wednesday June 14, 2017 tragedy reared its ugly head in Alexandria, Virginia when an unhinged leftist unleashed a barbaric shooting that was aimed at Republicans.  This tragedy should be a wake up call to all patriots and conservatives that we are in a war for our republic.  As tweeted out on Twitter Wednesday and said “be awake fellow patriots and watch your six for the crazies.”

Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana and three others were shot in a politically motivated attack by a leftist who was intentionally targeting Republicans.  The shooter was 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson from Bellevue, Illinois was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter leftist who called Donald Trump a “traitor” and wanted to destroy him.  This anti-Trump leftist was going around before the shooting and asking if the baseball practice was that of Democrats or Republicans.


But before I go any further I would like to give a big thank you to the Capitol Police for their quick response that help advert what could have been a massacre of human lives.

After the shooting, CNN had a so-called man on the street were they tried to push the narrative that the shooter wasn’t evil but was just tired of politics.  What was interesting is after the interview, CNN and Wolf Blitzer did not distance themselves from the statement but it seemed like they agreed with the statement 100 percent.

This shooting was nothing more than a left wing terrorist attack that was carried out by an anti-Trump leftist who was brainwashed by all the anti-Trump propaganda being pushed by mainstream media.

Anyone who was been watching mainstream media has seen the hysterical anti-Trump narrative that they have been pushing since the 2016 election.  MSM has also been screaming that President Trump is illegitimate as president and trying to radicalize the demented social justice warriors and is prompting them to lash out with violence.

This just maybe the start of the new American civil war with mainstream media doing everything possible to make it seem acceptable to the kill the president and his supporters, which has now accumulated with a deranged lunatic shooting of innocent victims at the GOP.

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