Free Speech Crackdown After Manchester Attack

The crackdown on free speech in the UK has begun in the wake of the suicide bombing in Manchester.  The Metropolitan Police are now investigating users of social media who spoke out against the attacks and now a columnist has had an investigation open on them.

The columnist in question is Mall Online columnist Katie Hopkins.  Police have opened an investigation after she said Western men need to “demand action” in a response to the gutless terrorist bomb attack that was targeted people leaving the Ariana Grande concert.

But one Twitter user took offense to Katie Hopkins post.  In typically social justice warrior fashion Twitter user, Dbev007, complained to the police department about her tweet.  Dbev007 claims that the tweet “incited racial hatred” even though Hopkins never mentioned anything about race or even Islam.  FYI to all social justice warriors Islam is not a race, it is a religion.


In a grand response from the Metro police confirmed that the so-called “allegation will be reviewed and assessed by specialist officers.”  But you know it is mind blowing about the whole situation is that the police in London are willing to spend the manpower to censor free speech on Twitter instead of being concerned with the terrorist’s attacks that are killing the people of their county.


This is not done by accident though folks.  In preventing people from speaking out and against the policies that government creates to enable these terrorist attacks, by doing this the establishment can condition the public into believing the that they are helpless and can not stop the deluge of military-age migrants into their county.  And by doing this people have learned to be helpless which means they are easier to abuse and easier to control.

Why does the establishment love to flood the Western countries with these Muslim migrants, it is because it will transform societies into obedient compliant populations that consist of devoted, radical Muslims that are already conditioned to accept authority without any questions asked and a very native population who are too scared to resist the tyranny.

Wake up people before it is too late, it is time to wake up and be free or stay asleep and stay under tyrannical control.

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