Has Comey Been Caught Committing Perjury In Congress Testimony?

In his May 3, 2017 testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee former FBI Director James Comey said that he never was told by President Donald Trump to stop the investigation of Michael Flynn.  But now Comey is now contradicting his self with his new claim that President Trump put pressure on him to stop the investigation of Flynn back in February.

In a reported memo that James Comey said he wrote after the February meeting in the oval office meeting with President Trump, he is now claiming that the president asked him to end the federal investigation into the former national security advisor Michael Flynn.

But guess who keeps pushing the narrative of the memo that was written by James Comey.  If you guessed The New York Times then you would be 100% correct.  The mouthpiece of the globalists is claiming that this memo is the “smoking gun” to help bring Trump down.  But because of their arrogance, they do not realize or if they do they do not care that the memo contradicts Comey’s own sworn testimony on May 3rd.  To see The New York Times article click here.

In his Senate testimony, James Comey confirmed to Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) that in theory, the Attorney General or any senior officials at the Department of Justice could stop a FBI investigation if they choose to.  Comey added that it would “be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something that—without an appropriate purpose.  But I’m talking about a situation where we are told to stop something for a political reason that would be a very big deal.  It’s not happened in my experience.”

To see the video of the former FBI director’s testimony click here.

But remember this is was said on May 3rd, 3 months after the supposed memo that Comey claims to wrote after the meeting with President Trump.  By the letter of the law this is a clear cut case of perjury by James Comey.

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