This University Wants To Be A Sanctuary Campus

Yes that is right a university in the United States wants to become a sanctuary campus for illegal immigrants.  The university in which I am talking about would be the University of Maryland.

This is the university that back in December 2016 that wanted to put Muslim prayer rooms in each major building on campus and now they have turned their attention to protecting illegal immigrants that attend the university on the taxpayer’s dime.  In a article on The College Fix, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion has told its faculty an staff not to ask about a student’s immigration status or to say the word “illegal alien” when identifying an illegal alien.  But the craziness does not stop there.  The University of Maryland has outlined on a website page “What You Can Do” that is devoted to giving instructions to readers on how that can make, as they call them, “undocumented students” or illegal aliens feel welcome at the university.  The students are being charged with conveying “openness”, establishing “welcoming spaces”, being “sensitive to the limits” the illegals may endure, and to avoid and discussion of their inability “to register to vote” or to ask about their “family’s migration story.”

Also the diversity office is staying busy with a training program called UndocTerp that provides the “staff and faculty with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to effectively respond to the needs of undocumented students at the University of Maryland.”

UMD’s student government is making their own plans to make the campus safer for illegals.  The student activists are expecting the immediate announcement of a full-time position at the university that would work to protect the undocumented students from potential deportation.  This is just one of the 64 demands of the student activists.

In an interview with the UMD student paper, The Diamondback, school president Katherine Swanson said:

“We want everybody on campus to feel safe, whether they are documented or not, and so that’s why this is important to me.  The amount of people who have come to me in [the past semester] … and said this is something that I’m worried about this is something I need your help with, has been kind of overwhelming.”

I can not believe that an American university would do this but then again nothing surprises me when it comes to liberal agenda that is being pushed in the colleges this day and time.

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