You Will Not Believe What Has Got Leftists Triggered Now

I knew leftist liberals would get triggered over the least little thing that goes against anything they think that is wrong with society in their twisted point of view.  But what now has got them triggered will leave you in shock and disbelief.   The leftists have flooded Twitter with what they claim is yet another example of the re-emergence of white supremacy and racism in America.  What is the trigger this time?  Not a political statement, not a slogan for a company, but a candy.

Yes that is right a candy has got the leftist liberals triggered beyond belief.  The candy I am talking about is Skittles.  I know you are shaking your head that the fruit-flavored chewy candy that is being sold without colors has got these leftists triggered.  But why does it have them in such uproar.  In the leftists mind the white Skittles is racist and represents white supremacy.

White Skittles are nothing new in 2017, they was introduced in 2016 to celebrate when former president Obama declared the month of June as “LBGT Pride Month.”  So why wasn’t all theses race and gender obsessive angry and up in arms last year when the white Skittles were introduced instead of waiting to now to start uproar about them being racist.


Well we all know the answer to that question don’t we?  It is because President Trump is in office this year and not Hillary or Obama.  If the leftist liberal social justice warriors were so concerned with equal rights for all people then why weren’t they in outrage last year?  The fact that the Skittles are white has nothing to do with race or gender and is more of a nod to the mindless, virtue-signaling identity politics that would make any Black Life Matters supporter swell with pride.

In a press release when Skittles introduced the new color, they said in their own words, “only one rainbow deserves to be the center of attention-yours.  And we’re not going to be the ones to steal your rainbow thunder, no sir.”

skitbw2 IMG_20170404_191822

The fact that this has to be cover is crazy, but it is what has to be done when you are dealing with the brain dead crazies and sheeple that buys into the narrative of the liberal main stream media.  The fact that everything has to be filtered through the lens of oppression has brought forth a recent trend of the social justice warrior movement eating their own.

Stop the madness and WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “You Will Not Believe What Has Got Leftists Triggered Now

  1. Unbelievable. Is there anything left that isn’t considered ‘racism’ these days?? Maybe if all us White people were dead and the color white was outlawed and eradicated from history these mindless zombies would be satisfied…maybe.


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