You Will Not Believe What The Nebraska Democrat Party Puts In Refugee Welcome Baskets

If you thought Obama’s refugee program was ridiculous, then you are going to be shocked at what the Nebraska Democrat Party is doing for the refugees.  The Nebraska Democrat Party is providing every new migrant with voter registration cards even though they are non-citizen.  But you know what the sad part is, it is the fact that the state party members are bragging about their criminal behavior of running this scheme.

In an article by Conservative Review Nebraska Democrat Party chairwoman Jane Kleeb admits their criminality.

“We made sure that we had individuals write a little note to the families, and then inside each [welcome] basket there’s also a letter from the Nebraska Democratic Party welcoming the family to Nebraska. It’s signed by me as chair of the party, and then we include a sticker in here for them to put on their car.”

 “It also includes a voter registration form.”

 To see the Facebook video posted by the Nebraska Democrat Party click here.

While I am not against the welcome baskets for the refugees containing useful items diapers, kitchen utensils, bathroom items like toothpaste, toothbrush, and other bare essentials one would need.  What I am against is the welcome letter from the Nebraska Democrat Party and especially the voter resignation form.  If the welcome letter was from the Nebraska Governor and it explained how to become a citizen of the United States I would fine with the whole ordeal.

The refugee resettlement program created by Obama was just one way of trying to stack the deck by the Democrat party.  In this case, Nebraska which has been a strong Republican state in previous presidential elections was targeted by Obama.  From October 2015 to September 2016, Nebraska took in migrants at a rate of 76 per every 100,000 citizens.

According to an article from Breitbart, Obama dropped 502 in the waning days of his administration.

 “The refugee resettlement rate for 2017 to date is significantly higher in Nebraska than it has been during any other year in the more three decades the state has participated in the federal refugee resettlement program.  The highest previous annual resettlement of refugees in the state since 2003 occurred in 2016, when 1,441 refugees were resettled.”

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