Boycott This U.S. Company For Help Organizing Anti-Trump Protests

Well another company is trying to influence to public decision on President Trump’s immigration reform and it is time to boycott them fully.  The company this time is Comcast where they have gone far beyond the realm of belief that you shouldn’t send them your hard earned money.  But when you hear what Comcast is encouraging their employees to do to in the response to the immigration reform of President Trump, you will irate.

To give you a little background on Comcast, they own NBC, Comcast Cable, AT&T Wireless, Time Warner Cable, and assets in other major companies.  They are encouraging their employees to actively participate in protest the President of the United States.

According to Breitbart:

NBC’s corporate parent, Comcast, is joining the corporate backlash against President Donald Trump’s popular immigration reform, partly prodded by the company’s Indian-born Chief Technology Officer, Sree Kotay.

 The company provided employers at its Philadelphia headquarters time off on Thursday to protest Trump’s popular policy, which is designed to reduce the inflow of costly refugees and to exclude migrants carrying “hostile attitudes.” Company protests were also expected in Washington D.C., New York and California.

To see the video of Comcast protest decision click here.

As a conservative the best thing we can do in response to these far left-leaning companies who try to use their influence and financial standing to push the progressive liberal agenda is to fully boycott them by taking away what they crave the most your hard earned money by not supporting these businesses financial.  Remember this always works.

And the reason this always works is remember when Target announced their transgender bathroom policy last year, what happened?  The stock of Target dropped substantially as many conservatives refused to shop at their stores locations.  And what did that action bring?  Target eventually was forced to change their misguided restroom policy.

In the same way Starbucks’ felt the power of the consumer when their consumer rating dropped dramatically in the month since they announced that they would be hiring 10,000 refugees in response to President Trump’s temporary travel ban from Muslim-majority countries.

Will these companies ever learn that the consumer has the buying power and the companies have no business trying to influence the public policy or opinion?  I highly doubt that they will but it is up to us as the consumer to remind them of that fact.

One thought on “Boycott This U.S. Company For Help Organizing Anti-Trump Protests

  1. Unfortunately, this is not surprising. The TWC news channel is extremely liberal. Perhaps they aren’t to the degree of a CNN where they aired Reza Aslan eating a human brain fragment, but still pretty bad. What a world.



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