Reince Priebus Must Go From Trump’s Staff

After the engineered dismissal of General Flynn by the former head of the Republican National Committee and current White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus it is crystal clear that Priebus must go.  Priebus is known as a Washington insider and an elite member of the GOP.  In other words, he is an operative for the globalist elite and he was sent in to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump.

With the leaks coming out of the White House at a rapid pace and are being feed to the Trump-loathing Main Stream Media all signs are points to Reince Priebus as the man behind the leaks.  Why would the White House Chief of Staff do this you are asking yourself?  It is quite simple question to answer.  Priebus is following orders as a Washington insider to sabotage President Trump’s agenda of revolution against globalism.  After engineer the removal General Flynn, one of Trump’s allies, Priebus will more then likely set his sights on trying to removal other allies on President Trump from the White House.  Those allies would be Donald Trump’s top three advisors Steve Miller. Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway and as we all know the Washington insiders want them gone so they can force Trump into a no win situation.

Reince Priebus must be held responsible for his purposely mismanagement of the failed rollout of President Trump’s temporary immigration ban and for not containing the so-called controversy over General Flynn and Russians.  As loyalists and Trump supports we all have to be sick and tired of Priebus trying to put establishment and globalist cronies into the White House and also appointing them as department heads.  All these cronies he wants to put in place are ones that was loyal to Obama and Hillary.

Everyone let us make it known we want Reince Priebus gone as White House Chief of Staff and we want him gone now.

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