The Real Reason For General Flynn’s Resignation

With the sudden resignation of General Mike Flynn as National Security Adviser it clearly shows that the elite’s military-industrial complex will try anything to bring down the Trump administration and to take control over the foreign policy to continue their reign of terror.  This is the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech in 1961.

When it was revealed that General Flynn had a conversion with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December, this gave the neo-cons the opportunity to try and validate their false claim of Russia hacking the 2016 election.  They seized upon the opportunity and pushed it to the forefront of the news with the talking heads of Main Stream Media to try and embarrass President Trump and try to deliver on the payback they promised when Trump defeated their chosen one Hillary Clinton.

In all actuality the using of Flynn and Kislyak’s conversation was nothing more than an excuse used by the establishment members of the Republican and Democrat parties to get rid of General Flynn and try to isolate President Trump.  In by doing so, the establishment is trying to force Trump to purge his own administration of people who believe in America first and replace them with the Washington insiders and globalist cronies who would continue the plan of destroying America.  It is very simple the globalist is trying to refill the swamp that Donald Trump is trying to drain.

In an article by Chris Buskirk from American Greatness, he explains it brilliantly that if the Democrats meet with Russian officials it is ok to do so but if anyone else does it is a big no no.

“Recall that in 1984 Senator Ted Kennedy approached the Soviet government about aid in defeating Ronald Reagan’s reelection. He offered them diplomatic and arms control concessions if they would help install Walter Mondale in the White House. Not surprisingly, Kennedy gets a pass if not a conspiratorial wink of assent from the guardians of democracy in the press. Naturally, they assume all partisans work with foreign governments to achieve their electoral aims.”

“The same people who brought us the failed wars for democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, the implosion of Libya, the Syrian Civil War, the rise of ISIS, and the concomitant international refugee crisis want Flynn’s scalp so they can reassert some control,” writes Buskirk. “General Michael Flynn is a voice for change in American foreign policy—a change that the American people voted for when they elected Donald Trump. The campaign of half-baked allegations and innuendo is the latest battle in the Washington establishment’s insurgency against the President.”

The only thing General Flynn is guilty of is due his diligence as the incoming National Security Adviser by having communication with a prominent foreign official and the lie that is being pushed that Flynn is in violation of the Logan Act is completely and utterly absurd.

The ones that keep pushing the lie of the so-called violation of the Logan Act need to learn what the Logan Act stands for.  But how quickly does the anti-Trump crowd forgets that the globalist elite are violating the Logan Act every year when they meet for the Bilderberg conference.

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