Texas Governor Calls Out Travis County Sheriff Over Sanctuary Policy

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez has been challenged by Governor Greg Abbott over her decision to allow a policy of that would make the state capitol of Austin a Sanctuary City.  Gov. Abbott points out that the policy would put “the lives of Texans at stake.”

Governor Abbott sent a three page letter to Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez addressing the upcoming policy refusal to cooperate with the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) federal agency.  In the letter Abbott explains why a sanctuary policy is detrimental to the state of Texas and its citizens.

“As sheriff your primary duty is to ensure the safety of the residents of Travis County. However your recent policy directive forbidding Travis County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) employees from cooperating with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – except in the most limited circumstances – betrays your oath and the residents of Travis County.  I strongly urge you to reverse that policy before its effective date of February 1, 2017.”  Abbott wrote.

It is essential that there is cooperation with the federal border enforcement agencies to help catch the dangerous criminals who might otherwise jeopardize the safety of the public.

Governor Abbott writes in his letter,” The ICE detainer program plays an integral role in ensuring that dangerous criminal aliens do not end up back on our streets.  By issuing immigration detainer requests to law enforcement agencies such as yours, ICE has an opportunity to collect and remove criminal aliens already in custody before they have the opportunity to commit additional crimes against the citizens we are sworn to protect. The whole point of Ice’s detainer program is to ensure that the worst of the worst do not walk free and further jeopardize public safety.”

In a couple of tweets put out by Gov. Abbott says that the Travis County sanctuary city policy is playing Russian roulette with Texans lives and The Governor’s Office will cut funding for Travis County adopting sanctuary policies.



The governor of Texas view’s on immigration enforcement sounds almost exactly the same as our new President Donald J. Trump, which has made stopping funding from the federal government to these sanctuary cities a priority.

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