Columbia Professor Urges Liberals To Stop Mislabeling People

A professor at the prestigious Columbia University is urging liberals to stop labeling any white person that disagree with any opinion that is being held by a person of a different skin color.  The favorite term that liberals like to use to describe white people that they disagree with is the term “white supremacist.”

John McWhorter is an associate professor of English and comparative literature and in a recent piece he wrote for Time magazine.  In his piece, he gives a great account of how the leftist tries to use labels to describe anyone who disagrees with them.

“A leftist contingent is now charging any white person who seriously questions a position associated with people of color as a white supremacist.  The idea is that if you go against certain orthodoxy, then it isn’t only that you disagree, but that you also wish white people were still in charge, that you want people of color to sit down and shut up.”

 McWhorter points to a line of people labeled as white supremacists ranging from David Duke, George Wallace, John C. Calhoun,  and to of all Mother Teresa.  While I will agree that the first two has the tendencies to be white supremacists and the third one maybe, maybe not, but Mother Teresa was a woman of God, who did the work as a good and faithful servant of the almighty father in Heaven.  I have to agree with McWhorter when he says the tern has gone from an accurate description of people who think the white race should rule everyone else to a weapon used indiscriminately and with a way too broad brush.

 “White supremacist’ is a new way of saying ‘racist’ while stepping around the steadily increasing awareness that that word, too, is being wielded in sloppy ways,” he writes. “Writing ‘white supremacist’ is a way of making the reader jump, in the way that ‘prejudiced’ and ‘racist’ once were. What handier way of driving your critique home than implying that your target would have broken bread with the Confederacy, stood at the school doors at the behest of Orville Faubus, or today would be happy to sip coffee at conferences with well-spoken alt-righters?”

 Professor McWhorter makes it clear that he is not calling for liberals to stop disagreeing, but to use persuasion instead name calling to push their views.  In other words, McWhorter is telling the liberals to stop calling names to anyone who is agree with you but instead be an adult a discuss the difference viewpoints in manner that would be more acceptable.

” If you make a claim that someone desires that white people be in charge and muzzle the opinions and opportunities of people of color, you should be able to prove it,” he writes. “No, the fact that psychological tests reveal subtle racial biases in whites does not justify calling any white person’s questioning of the views of a person of color a white supremacist.”

This professor from Columbia University gets the problem when dealing with liberals and gives us excellent advice to how to deal with them.  Let’s do our best to educate all the liberals we come in contact with.

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