NO RESPECT: University Removes American History From Curriculum

As first reported in The College Fix, George Washington University has decided to eliminate the United States history requirement for its history majors.  The reason that GWU gave for the change was that they needed to “recruit students” and “to better reflect a globalizing world.”  That is according to faculty comments that were made in GWU’s student newspaper, The Hatchet.

In her article with The College Fix, Kate Hardimann reports:

“At GWU, history majors must take eight to ten upper level courses: one on a time period before 1750, and three on different regions of the world, including Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Previously, students were required to take two courses focused on Europe and North America and complete a thesis or capstone project. Though the thesis requirement still exists, students can choose to complete “digital capstone projects” instead.”

Unfortunately this is nothing new among the nation’s top colleges and universities.  With George Washington University adopting this new policy, they join roughly one-third of the nation’s top universities and colleges by making a United States history course an option instead of a mandatory course for declared history majors.

This is just another attempt of the liberals and social justice warriors to purge American history from university and college campuses and it has received a fair amount of backlash from many former students and trustees.

According to a statement by American Council Trustees and Alumni President Dr. Michael Poliakoff “A democratic republic cannot thrive without well-informed citizens and leaders. Elite colleges and universities in particular let the nation down when the examples they set devalue the study of United States history.”

Of course some scholars have dismissed the above report’s findings arguing that that most students enroll in U.S. history classes regardless of whether it’s required or not, so making a problem over the lack of the requirement is a moot point.

There is not a reason why U.S. History should not be a required course for anyone who majors in history at any university or college in the United States.  This is just an attempt of how the elite want to dumb down the youth of America.

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