Muslims Demand Welfare While American Vets Starve

If you are not already outraged by the way Obama and his administration has mistreated our veterans then this is going to make you sick.  While the veterans that serviced our country are starving on the streets homeless or dying while waiting in line for care from the VA hospitals, Obama’s so-called “refugees”  from Muslim countries that are bent on destroying America are on welfare for life and are demanding that the food the United States government is giving them must abide by Islamic law.

According to report from a Minneapolis, Minnesota CBS affiliate WCCO Somali Muslim refugees are demanding that they have their own section in a food bank.  So not only do they want an American program to change due to their Islamic beliefs, but they also expect $150,000 for it. Just keep in mind that’s only to start the food shelf up. That does not included what it would take to sustain it.  Imam Hassan Mohamud said “It’s about human rights also, basic human rights to get the proper food and also healthy food.”

Really Imam you seriously said it was about human rights?  What about the rights of our veterans who loyal served our country in battle only to come home and be all but forgotten by the government that the served and defended.

These are not the first demands that the Somali Muslims have made of the Minneapolis city government.  With all the influx of Somali Muslims naturally an increase of the crime rate would follow.  What is the answer by the Somalis, they demanded that the city build a $48 million Sharia-compliant youth center to keep their youth gangs out of trouble.

The liberals of Minnesota have gone out of their way and bent over backwards for the Muslims to assimilate to their Islamic culture instead of the other way around.  If we were to go to another country and make the demands that the Muslims are making here, we would laughed at and more then likely either thrown in jail or kicked out of the country.

This just shows that how the Liberals in this country would rather bend over backwards to help Muslims instead of our veterans that have given everything to defend our country.

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