ABSURD: Texas University Says Using “HOLIDAY” Is Not PC Enough

In a move of absolute absurdity Texas Woman’s University has warned students that using “Holiday” parties or celebrations to describe Christmas parties is now not being politically correct enough and my led to offending Muslims.  Instead the University suggested that the term “end of semester party” should be used to not offend anyone.

The University had released an advisory, that has been since removed and replaced with this advisory, in which described tips to students that will allow for an “all-inclusive, multicultural holiday part at the office,” and by describing Christmas as a “Holiday” is no longer multicultural enough because, “Not all faith traditions have holidays in December, and not everyone identifies with a particular faith tradition.”

 A professor of multicultural women’s and gender studies, Dr. Mark Kessler said that in   order to avoid “missteps” that might offend Muslims, Jews or atheists, party planners should refrain from using the world “holiday” because it “connotes religious tradition and may not apply to all employees.”  Also the use of “religious symbolism, such as images of Santa Claus, evergreen trees, or red-nosed reindeer” is discouraged, as is “red and green sugar cookies shaped like Christmas trees.”  Foods that are Kosher and Halal should be offered to meet the “requirements of non-majority groups in your organization.”  Music that is “associated with a faith tradition, such as Christmas carols,” is also discouraged, with a “multicultural play list that reflects all faith traditions” is preferred.


Kessler ended his statement by saying “Parties scheduled for December should be renamed “end of the semester” parties or “end of fiscal year” parties.

Each and every year, the craziness of the fascist left has as they call it a war on Christmas and every year they deny that they are and they lose their battle.  But now their political correct neutral term of “holiday” is not politically correct enough for them, once again they are proving that they are control freaks and their brand of political correctness is at an all time high as they censor language in the name of cultural sensitivity.

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