Trump’s Choice For Attorney General Is A Nightmare To Democrats

When the President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team made their choice for Attorney General they knew it would make the Democrats and Liberals heads spin and set off a controversy in the press.  When it was made public that Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was the pick for Attorney General, the Democrats and its cronies in the press have went crazy and are now calling Jeff Sessions a racist and are now stooping to a new low for even them by now using his full name, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, to heighten the effect as being Old South.  With this it just shows the opposition Trump faces at every turn and that they will even resort to their old stand by of using the race card.

One of the main reasons why the Democrats will intensify their efforts to stop Jeff Sessions appointment as Attorney General as the confirmation hearing draws near.  As a senator Jeff Sessions is the highest-profile, most knowledgeable, most determined, and most outspoken opponent of comprehensive immigration reform.  The Democrats are particularly anxious about the subject of immigration because of the unusual nature of Obama’s policies on this subject.  All the policies that were set in place by Obama and his administration could be undone unilaterally by either President-elect Trump in some cases, and by the Attorney General, and in some cases by the director of homeland security.  With this there is no need for congressional action which means there is no way for the House or Senate Democrats to slow it down or even stop the overturn of these policies.

When Obama asked and wanted Congress to change the strict laws on immigration that are already on the books and was passed by bipartisan majorities of Congress.  What did Congress do, they told Obama NO and declined his request.  So Obama took the power of the pen and wrote executive orders of immigration and stopped enforcing provisions of the immigration laws that he did not like.  The new administration could simply start enforcing the laws that are already on the books.  Just by doing that would bring a dramatic change to the immigration practices that are currently being used in the United States at this time.  And with that no congressional approval would be needed.

With Jeff Sessions as Attorney General for the Trump administration, the Democrats know that it would mean trouble for their agenda of unlimited immigration to the United States.  That is why they are fighting the appointment of Sessions with such aggression that will only intensify as the confirmation hearing draws closer.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Choice For Attorney General Is A Nightmare To Democrats

  1. I have news for you- It’s not Jeff Sessions or Trump that is the nightmare for Democrats, as much as it is Sen Mitch RINO McConnell that is the nightmare for Trump and Jeff Sessions / Republicans / We the People, as Sen McConnell (in unofficial political cooperation collusion with Sen Schumer), will be the one to sabotage the Trump agenda – ie; will not use the nuclear option for any Trump nominee. If you think it’s a little crazy, Sen RINO McConnell has already said as much, and I have no doubt whatsoever about McConnell’s back stabbing ways, especially when it comes to repealing Obamacare. McConnell, along with Boehner who was finally kicked out, has been the real enemy within, colluding with Obama ever since he took over majority leader.


    1. Jack while I respect your opinion I do have to slightly disagree with you that I think the nuclear option that Boehner set up with long with Harry Reid will be a now a pain in the Democrats side. I will agree though that Mitch McConnell and Chucky Schumer will be a pain in the side two sessions and Trump but their time will soon be up.


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