Hillary Calls Americans That Wants Borders “UNAMERICAN”

In recent leaked transcripts made public by WikiLeaks Hillary Clinton told executives of Golden Sachs in an October 2013 speech that Americans who want to limit immigration are “fundamentally Un-American.”

Clinton told the Goldman Sachs executives that “Immigration reform is so important,” and that she has demanded that Congress get immigration reform done quickly.  But what Hillary Clinton means by “immigration reform” is the 2013 Marco Rubio-Chuck Schumer proposal that would have granted immediate amnesty and would have eventual given citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.  This would have doubled the annual admission of the foreign workers and it would have dispensed 33 million green cards to foreign nationals in the span of single decade despite the current record levels of immigration.

Hillary Clinton then went on to say that anyone who opposes the dramatic expansion of immigration is “fundamentally Un-American”:

 “What I really resent most about the obstructionists is they have such a narrow view of America. They see America in a way that is no longer reflective of the reality of who we are. They’re against immigration for reasons that have to do with the past, not the future. They can’t figure out how to invest in the future, so they cut everything. You know, laying off, you know, young researchers, closing labs instead of saying, we’re better at this than anybody in the world, that’s where our money should go. They just have a backward-looking view of America. And they play on people’s fears, not on people’s hopes, and they have to be rejected. I don’t care what they call themselves. I don’t care where they’re from. They have to be rejected because they are fundamentally un-American.”

 But according to research data from Pew Research Center, 83% of Americans would like to see the level of immigrations either reduced or frozen.  By this data then majority of Americans are “fundamentally Un-American” according to Hillary Clinton’s thinking.

Well I do not know about you but for me Hillary Clinton is the one that is UNAMERICAN in her thinking of unlimited immigration.

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