MSNBC Caught Lying About Charlotte Protests

As everyone has seen in the footage from Charlotte North Carolina of the civil unrest as it shows images of the rioters smashing windows of local businesses to loot and steal from the cash registers and contents of the stores, breaking the windows of apartments, cars, buses, attacking the media trying to cover the carnage going on and even in one instance trying to set a photographer on fire, stopping traffic on a major interstate (I-85), shooting each other over disagreements, and even terrorizing innocent people in their vehicles by trying to hijack them.

The scenes from Charlotte are eerie similar to ones we have seen on television of cities in the Middle East with all the chaos and madness on the streets.

But what is surprising is two networks, CNN and Fox News, admitted the violence and looting was out of control.  In a report done from Fox News reporter Steve Harington who was on the ground in Charlotte made the following statement:

 “Earlier, this started out as peaceful protest. A lot of families, a lot of young children with signs coming out and walking and marching. Now, it’s turned violent. The swearing and looting about 10 feet from me. A souvenir store was just looted. I have seen some cars smashed. The Ritz Carlton smashed out in front. Police trying to establish order with tear gas.”

 CNN who was also on the ground in Charlotte reporting on the looting and carnage had one of their correspondents, Ed Lavandera attacked during a live broadcast by the mob of rioters.  Another CNN reporter Boris Sanchez called it as scenes as “totally out of control” as he stood in the middle of the tear gas, carnage, and destruction.

But everyone’s favorite network MSNBC that is known for attempting to discredit anyone that says Black Lives Matter prompts criminal activity and violence that happens at events that the BLM movement is involved with.  MSNBC has a well known history of covering up the violence of the Black Lives Matter protests.  The network is also well known to give airtime to the advocates of Black Lives Matter who continually spewing out the rhetoric of lies that there movement is not one an anti-police movement but one of a peaceful movement.  If Black Lives Matter is not an anti-police movement then how would you explain all the numerous videos of their protestors shouting out such slogans as “When I say ‘Oink, oink’ you say ‘Bang! Bang!’” and “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!”

But leave it to MSNBC to paint a different picture of the events happening in Charlotte as they are known as the apologist media network for Black Lives Matter.  Then leave it to the lead host of MSNBC Rachel Maddow and her pet correspondents Gabe Guiterrez and Tammy Leitner have repeatedly told viewers that the scenes from Charlotte has consisted of “a mostly peaceful group of people” with only “some agitators.”  All three of them claim that the so-called protesters were “hugging and they’re being very peaceful”, and do you believe they even had the nerve to claim that they were “cleaning up trash on streets.”  Rachel Maddow and her so-called reporters even had the gall to suggest that the police were being too heavy handed in their response and were arresting those on the scene too violently.  What world are these idiots like Rachel Maddow living in?

While doing an interview with the interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile, Rachel Maddow had the nerve to say, “Well, on this issue, as you’re talking, we just saw a very violent arrest by a number of police officers in heavy-duty riot gear going after an individual protester. They sprung out of the line to go grab somebody specifically and then arrested that person.”

This just shows everyone that MSNBC is nothing more then a mouthpiece for the Black Lives Matter movement and in MSNBC eyes they can do no wrong regardless of how many innocent lives are ruined and the destruction left behind.

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