Danish Father Gets Sweet Revenge On Muslim Thugs

When a group of four Islamic Muslim thugs without warning decided to brutally and savagely assault a 13 year old Danish boy, his dad took sweet revenge in his own hands.  Brian Anker is known to have a large amount of patience and a very big heart but that all came to an end when his son Noah was attacked Somali Muslim migrant thugs.


When Brian learned his son was attacked by these so called refugees, he wanted to do the humanitarian thing and feel sorry for the four guys because they was forced to leave their homeland and seek refugee in his native land of Denmark.  But that all changed for Brian when he got to see the video of his son Noah’s brutal attack.  When he saw the video he lost all caring and patience for these Muslim thugs.

But the way Brian got his sweet revenge was one of pure poetic justice.  Brian decided that his revenge would consist of outing the these thugs to everyone in the world and to warn all the Western Nations about how these so called refugees are destroying his native land of Denmark.  When you see the video of this attack to will understand why he decided to seek revenge but to warn others in the world.


Brian Anker wanted to show the world what these thugs did to his son and when he posted the video and guess what it went VIRAL.  He wanted the whole world to know that the Muslim migrants do not want to assimilate to their new home and we would all expect this barbaric behavior.

Stories like these should be a warning to all Americans.  These are the people that Obama and Hillary want to bring to our country.  With all the rapes, brutal attacks, and chaos that these Islamic migrants bring to the country there, why would anyone it there right mind want them in our country.

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