Kaepernick Just Got Bad News From His Coach

The much maligned quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick continues to receive bad news over his stance of refusing to stand for the national anthem at football games.   Whether it is getting booed loudly whenever he enters the field of play or whether it is thousands of San Francisco fans burning his jersey in protest against him, Kaepernick just got the bad news he probably did not want to hear.

No it wasn’t him getting released from the 49ers; we could only wish that would happen.  But according to The Associated Press Colin Kaepernick will be spending the 2016 NFL season as the backup quarterback.  This all but guarantees Kaepernick has wore out his welcome as a San Francisco 49er.

While several people were calling for the 49ers to release Colin Kaepernick over his actions, it was a very difficult situation for the team to be in.  If they had decided to release him then it would have been perceived to the masses as a reaction to his protest.

While we do not agree with Kaepernick’s actions of protest, he is still exercising his first amendment right by exercising his right to protest peacefully and should not be punished by simply doing so.  Kaepernick said his protest will last until he sees a significant change in the way that he thinks the United States treats African-Americans and other minorities.

What Kaepernick has done with his actions, it has caused a serve divide in the United States.  But while some of his supporters agree with his stance, a lot of them do not agree with him on the disrespect of the flag, the veterans that died for our country, and the ones currently serving our nation.

But on second thought maybe Colin Kaepernick does not really care about what is going on with the “in his words” racial oppression in the United Sates.  But he is just trying to get his name back in the media to become in his mind relevant again.

Just something to think about.

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