Top Hillary Campaign Worker Caught Supporting Milwaukee Looting

In a normal world the campaign workers for a candidate that is running for the president of the United States of America would not and should not be caught supporting the rioting and looting that is going in the streets of Milwaukee after the shooting death of Sylville K. Smith.  But then again this is not a normal world we live in.


The campaign worker in question is Ms. Pinky Stanseski and she thinks the city of Milwaukee should burn to the ground.  And guess why she thinks the city of Milwaukee should burn?  Her reason is because she does not the like the sheriff of Milwaukee County David Clarke. Who in my opinion is one of the best sheriffs in America.  The scare thing is that she is not even ashamed that she wishes the city would burn to the ground to ashes.


The sad part is that Ms. Pinky Stanseski forgot that when you are a campaign worker for Hillary Clinton and you post on the world of social media is does mean that anything you do will be seen by everyone and you will be easy recognized.

So let me get this straight.  Ms. Pinky Stanseski supports looting and rioting in the city Milwaukee, she wants whistleblowers that expose corruption put in jail, she also supports Kathleen Kane who is the Democrat Pennsylvania attorney general who was found guilty of perjury and obstruction, wants Donald Trump jailed with no reason given, and she supports and works for a candidate who is guilty perjurer and mishandler of classified information.


Wow this is the typical liberal behavior and it is typical behavior for all the Hillary Clinton supporters.  And to be honest if Hillary gets into the White House as President of United States it will only get worse.

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