West Virginia Mom Causes Controversy With Her Posted Photos

A West Virginia Army wife, mother, and conservative blogger caused a lot of controversy online lately with some her recent online post.  Holly Fisher first started the controversy online when she tweeted a photo of herself standing in front of a Hobby Lobby store, wearing a pro-life shirt, and holding a Chik-fil-A cup shortly after the Supreme Court ruling allowing the store and other employers with religious convictions to refrain from providing employees access to birth control.

With the photo Holly also added the tweet


“ATTENTION LIBERALS: do NOT look at this picture. Your head will most likely explode”

After posting the photo and tweet Holly received a lot of backlash for what some would call too controversial.  But with all the response that she got from the first photo and tweet, Fisher decided to up the ante with another photo that made liberal media explode in an uproar.  The photo was Fisher standing in front of an American flag while holding a bible and an AR-15 assault rifle.


In an interview with Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade, Fisher said that she decided to post the second picture because after the first one, people told her, “The only thing missing is your gun or your bible or your flag.  I’m holding my First and Second Amendment rights in my hands.  And it all represents freedom.”

Soon after posting the photo that now has gone viral, Fisher was flooded with even more negative backlash.  But the one that was the most appalling was one that someone had turned into an internet meme.  Some had took Fisher’s photo side by side with a photo Islamic terrorist Sherafiyah Lewthwaite, who is holding a gun along with a Quran with the words “EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENCE”


During an interview with “Fox & Friends”, Holly defended her beliefs:

 “It’s shocking for me that people would compare somebody that’s standing in front of our flag that represents our freedom–on Independence Day–and I’m holding my First and Second Amendment rights in my hands, and it all represents freedom. They want to compare me to a woman who thinks quite the opposite. She despises everything about this country and hates this country and would kill all of us if given the opportunity.”

 Even with the continuing backlash that Holly receives for the photos, she will continue to stand by her beliefs and defend her Christian and conservative views.  We all should stand up like Holly Fisher did and stand up for our beliefs and values.

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