TRUTH BOMB: Giuliani Drops Bomb On Ted Cruz

On Tuesday July 16th Texas Senator Ted Cruz said he was going to deliver a speech at the RNC that would rival one that was given by Ronald Reagan.  What Cruz was thinking by this speech was that it would make the delegates wish they had nominated him instead of Donald J. Trump.

But the very opposite happened for Ted Cruz.  What the speech done was ignite the crowd into a frenzy but not for him.   Cruz was met with boos and chants of “We want Trump, we want Trump, endorse Trump, endorse Trump” from the over zealous crowd.

With Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse Donald J. Trump as the president as an effort to divide the Republican Party looks to have back fired on him as it appears to have built more unity behind the party’s nominee and as started rumors of Ted Cruz just destroyed his political career.

Not only was the Texas delegation outraged with Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse Trump but some of Trump’s biggest critics have come to side with Trump and unify against Ted Cruz.  None more apparent then the former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani as he spoke in an interview with Breitbart on Ted Cruz’s refusal to honor his pledge.

“I know Ted. I have great respect for him. I agree with many of the things he agrees with, I disagree with some. But I certainly profoundly disagree with his not endorsing Donald Trump,” he said. “Because it’s going to be a close election, and I think if we don’t beat Hillary Clinton, I don’t think Ted Cruz can play the game, ‘I’m gonna run four years from now, after being a disloyal Republican.”

 “And if we don’t beat Hillary Clinton, I don’t know what’s going to happen to my country.”

 “Ronald Reagan did one thing he didn’t do, and it’s crucial: Ronald Reagan endorsed Gerald Ford, and that made it possible for him to be nominated four years later.”

 “Nelson Rockefeller would not endorse Goldwater. Nelson Rockefeller couldn’t get nominated in ‘68. Probably would have beaten Nixon for the nomination in ‘68, if he had endorsed Goldwater,” he mused. “And then, when Ford put him on the ticket as Vice President, he had to take him off, because the party was so angry at Nelson Rockefeller for not having endorsed Goldwater.”

 “So I think Ted Cruz, although he is one of the most intelligent men I know, I think this is a little piece of history he never read.”

With rumblings now about the State of Texas is very upset with Ted Cruz and some want him out as senator.  Ted Cruz better nor worry about a run for president in 2020 but he needs to be more worried about winning his next Senate campaign.

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