Trump Announces Pence As VP Selection

On Saturday July 16th, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump announced that he has chosen Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice president and with that announcement made the Republicans and conservatives alike appear to be torn.

While some critics has labeled Pence as a Globalist Neocon who fully supports Obama’s Common-Core agenda scheme, unconstitutional wars, supposed free trade agreements that destroys our nations sovereignty, and other very unpopular policies that undermines the Constitution and negates liberty.  Then other opponents have blasted Pence’s the unconditional surrender to the extreme pressure he was put under by homosexual activists and the Wall Street bullies of corporate America last year when they demanded government aid in trampling the religious freedom in Indiana.

In the contrast, main stream establishment media and some supporters of the selection claim that Pence is a relatively solid conservative whose pro-life credentials and reputed social conservatism can help unify the conservative movement behind the Trump 2016 campaign.

Well what is the truth?  Maybe it is something in the middle of the two.  But one thing that is for sure is there is concerning reasons for libertarians, nationalists, constitutionals, populists, conservatives, and the others that support Trump to be concerned with this selection.

In his 12 years serving as Indiana’s 6th congressional district in the House of Representatives, Pence often voted to fund globalist and neocon programs that are not authorized in the Constitution which included supporting spending bills wasting trillions of taxpayer dollars and running up trillions of dollars in deficits for unconstitutional purposes. Pence also voted earnestly to fund the globalist organizations that include the United Nations, the Export-Import Bank, and more, that undermines the sovereignty of the United States and its prosperity. The unconstitutional PATRIOT Act purporting to allow unconstitutional spying on Americans received the support of Mike Pence as well.  Not surprisingly Pence went as far as voting against an amendment that would have blocked the authorization of indefinite military detention of American citizens without trial. It was never explained why Pence thought Obama should be able to use the military to detain Americans without trial.

When talking about war, Pence sided with establishment globalists instead of the Constitution. One instance, the then-congressman voted to unconstitutionally surrender the power of Congress to declare war on more than one occasion. First, he supported giving President George W. Bush authority to wage an undeclared war against Iraq if and when the president decided to do so, a war that Trump has opposed to. Pence voted against an amendment to defund Obama’s illegal war against Libya, in which Obama relied on a UN resolution instead of a congressional declaration of war.  Congressmen of both parties said at the time, Obama should have been impeached for that criminal and treasonous act. The reason for those illegal wars are now crystal clear, but as of yet Pence has not apologized for supporting them while in Congress.

But one of the most controversial actions made by Pence has been his unconditional surrender of religious liberty, which is a very crucial American value, during his tenure as governor of Indiana. Last year, as the homosexual and LGBT activists were working to destroy the First Amendment and force Americans to affirm homosexual “marriage” at government gunpoint, Republicans in Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The purpose was to protect Christians and others from being forced into participating in celebrations of faux marriage by, for example, having to bake homosexual-themed cakes or produce flower arrangements that affirm homosexual weddings.

In the beginning Pence was very supportive of the effort to protect religious liberty in the face of an unconstitutional and fanatical assault against marriage and its supporters by activists on the Supreme Court, who disregarded their oath to the Constitution and the truth by inventing a constitutional right to homosexual marriage. Pence stated “We are not going to change this law.”  However, as homosexual activists and their allied bullies of Wall Street Big Businesses started screaming and threatening, Pence quickly caved in to the demands.

On April 2, just one week after he signed the bill into law, Mike Pence signed another bill which essentially reversed the religious freedom protections in the act and to force business owners to participate in the celebration of homosexuality by government gunpoint. Religious freedom in Indiana was worse off afterward than when the effort to protect it began and Pence has to shoulder majority of the blame for surrendering. This is bad news for Trump and for conservatives especially when Pence’s primary claim to fame is his so-called “social conservatism.”

But it is not all bad news about the selection of Mike Pence for conservatives. He is reported to be a Christian who stands for protecting unborn children from tax-funded slaughter know as abortion, a key concern of many Republicans who have been unconvinced by Trump’s pro-life conversion.  Pence has also stood up to the unconstitutional bankster bailout while he was in Congress, tried to limit federal spending to one fifth of GDP, and, at least while in Congress, stood against the extreme homosexual agenda pushed by Obama and an increasingly radicalized Supreme Court. Finally, Pence also voted in favor of properly auditing the Federal Reserve.

Some analysts said Pence just might be an attempt by Trump to soothe the globalist establishment. Even if that may be the case and selection could have been even worse with Newt Gingrich being a possibility.  Mike Pence appears to be much more establishment aligned then increasingly outraged American public seems to know. In what might be called ironic while attempting to appease the establishment, Donald Trump may have hurt his own campaign.  The reason for his biggest support among his core is that in fact he is perceived as an enemy of the globalist, anti-American establishment that completely runs the federal government.

Only time will tell if this backfires in the face of Donald Trump or it was a masterfully plan to outwit the Global Elite.


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