Sheriff David Clarke Exposes Obama, Hillary Hysteria Exploit

In a recent interview with Fox News Sheriff David Clarke said that both President Obama and Hillary Clinton are fueling the ‘war on cops’ to divide the country and exploit the hysteria for political gain.

Sheriff Clarke pointed out by saying:

 “The Commander-in-Chief opens his mouth and sticks his foot in it… exploiting things that don’t exist…He didn’t cause this, but you know what, he fuels this sort of anger, this ‘misplaced anger’ about things going on that were thousands of miles away. The shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota didn’t happen anywhere near Dallas.”

Also Sheriff Clarke pointed out that Hillary Clinton was no different then Obama in her actions.

 “We’ve heard from Mrs. Bill Clinton who threw up the hash tag #BlackLivesMatter yesterday and exploited the situation – two situations, one in Louisiana and the other in Minnesota,” he continued. President Obama, it’s kinda interesting he said ‘the facts aren’t in’ he’s usually popping off at the mouth before he’s been briefed or before he knows any of the facts, like he did yesterday without any foundation. He talked about racism, disparate treatment, people of color… all this nonsense like I said. He’s armed with powerful words and he uses those words irresponsibly to fuel this sort of anger toward the American police officer and I wish he’d just knock it off.”

But with the claims of the antagonist Jesse Jackson when he claimed that Donald Trump was in some way responsible for the Dallas massacre, Sheriff Clarke said Jackson was a “blowhard” trying to stay relevant even after his time had passed him by.

 “I’ll tell you right now: nobody in the country… has stood behind the American law enforcement officer like Donald Trump,” Clark stated. “I cannot wait until January when President Obama leaves the White House for the last time and my hope – I pray that Donald J. Trump becomes the next Commander-and-Chief because we need a president who’s going to stand beside us and support us – all across the country, unambiguously, by the way, we know we’re not going to get that from Mrs. Bill Clinton. The saddest day for law enforcement will be the day she becomes President of the United States.”

Sheriff David Clarke is only speaking the truth that people need to hear.  It is time that people wake up and realize what is going on around them.  Wake up before it is too late.


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