Victory Of Brexit Makes Trump Presidency More Likely

The surprise victory of the Brexit vote in Great Britain represents a great and momentous victory for populist politics and very well makes a Donald Trump victory in the United States Presidential Election even more likely.

The BBC reported that a Brexit win could only signify that the sentiment toward the anti-globalism is much stronger then they ever thought it would be.  This very well is more then the so-called elite political class ever bargained for.

With a victory that stunned the world, the people of Great Britain choose to leave the European Union and in the process reclaimed the sovereignty that in reality they never lost.  The result of the vote was one that sent shock waves throughout the global world order of the Elitist and also this outcome very well could have burned a trail of populist votes for Donald Trump to ride all the way to the White House and in particular the Oval Office.

In an interview with Good Morning Britain Nigel Farage, who is the leader of the UK Independence Party, made the following comment:

 “There is something happening in American politics that is perhaps a bit of a mirror of what’s happening here, a feeling in much of America, that what happens in Washington is too detached and too remote and Trump is cashing in on some of it.  He must have a chance of winning.”

 One thing that makes this a very important moment in world history is that Great Britain has never been a source of populist uprising like this.  If the Brits can vote itself out of the EU then why does it not mean that the United States vote itself in for Donald Trump.

Everyone knows that the forces of globalization have wrecked havoc not only for the American workers but also for the European workers as way.  If you are a working class man or woman the combined effects of free trade, technology, and immigration has made your job and wages even less dependable.  The ones who are in charge of making the policies to address the lack of jobs in the US and UK has clearly failed and quite possibly on purpose failed to address these issues in any meaning and productive way.

If the feelings of nationalism, anti-globalization, and angry of being controlled by puppet  master are strong enough to cause such an uproar in Great Britain, then they may be very well to cause one of the most radical elections to every come to United States of America..

Donald Trump wasted no time in drawing the parallel of what happened with the Brexit vote and what is happening with his own presidential campaign movement.  In a Facebook post Trump stated:


The vote that caused the victory in Brexit shows that the people of the world are angry, tired, and very concerned with the issues of immigration, losing their national identity, and lost of sovereignty.  They have made their line in the sand, we you make yours!!

The Revolution has begun and there is only one question that remains to be answered.  Are you willing to stand and fight or turn and run away?

The choice is yours and you should choose wisely.

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