Blair’s Former Advisor Wants Second Vote To Sabotage Brexit

The former Chief of Staff for Tony Blair has told the BBC during an interview the night of June 24th that there should be another referendum vote before Great Britain is allowed to leave the European Union, a clear sign that the EU political class will most definitely try to sabotage the Brexit Vote.

While appearing on BBC Newsnight, Jonathan Powell, who now serves as the UK’s special envoy to the country of Libya, states emphatically that the Brits should be made to vote again on leaving the EU, even though the “Vote Leave” campaign already passed the referendum earlier in the day on Friday.

By doing this it would allow an opposition party like the Labour Party the chance to run in a general election on a platform that would promise to cancel Britain’s exit from the EU before it actually happened.

When I saw this referendum passed I knew almost immediately that the Global Elite will do everything in their power to sabotage the vote of the people in Great Britain.  There is two ways I could see the Global Elite to try and keep the EU together.  One is by trying to offer Great Britain a brand new deal to stay with the EU and the other is to be force a new referendum vote by the people of Britain until the Elite gets the outcome they want.

In watching Powell’s interview the latter of the two is what he is proposing to happen.  He also makes the suggestion that the new leader of the Conservative Party or whichever party wins the general election should make a new deal negotiation with the European Union and then force the people of Great Britain to vote again.  Even though the people of Britain has spoken and spoke loudly they wanted out of the European Union.

During the interview Powell made the ominous comment that was missed by most people.  He said:

“Remember, the Irish have done that twice this century-they voted against the treaty, had a second voted for it”

 What Powell is referring back to 2008 when the Irish people rejected the Treaty of Lisbon, before the European Council changed the terms of the agreement and made threats to the Irish citizens and forced them to vote again and this time the treaty magically was approved.

Several thousands of leftists stooges have signed petitions that are set to be debated by the House of Parliament that call for a vote on a second referendum.

These whole process just shows how anti-Democratic the EU is and how much they hate it when a country stands up to them and tries to take back the sovereignty of the nation.  We can only hope that the Global Elites handcrafted European Union continues to fall apart.

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