Obama Making Play To Put Himself In For A THIRD TERM

Our Commander In Chief Barack H Obama wants a third term in office as president of the United States.  There is only one problem with his thinking, it can not happen.  But as stated in the constitution he can only serve two terms.  But there is a way he can get a third term as president and that is through implementation of Martial Law.

In a speaking engagement he attended in Kenya, Obama admitted that he would like a third term in office.  As stated in a previous article I wrote Obama may delay the 2016 Presidential Election with Martial Law.

I know you are asking yourself if this is real and could Obama really do this?  And the answer is yes he could.  With the stroke of the pen, Obama could declare Martial Law because of what he perceives as civil unrest.  Is anyone seeing a pattern developing here?

With the increasing number of riots and protests being carried out by members of the Black Lives Matter movement and other groups tied to billionaire liberal George Soros — and wondered whether these events could be used to institute martial law.

Now just imagine Obama using an outburst of violence due to massive civil unrest brought about by groups that include Blacks Lives Matter and the Muslim refugees to “unite” the country under the guise of his so-called leadership. Then if declares himself king of the White House, how would Obama be stopped?

Remember in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 how the country, as a whole, supported George W. Bush as he headed the country into a war.  These theories might seem a bit outlandish, but just consider the many times that Obama already violated the Constitution. The fact is that a man who cares this little about the rule of law is a man capable of anything.

Remember you have been warned.  This president is very unstable and capable of anything.  It is time to wake to what Obama is up too.

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