We May Know Why Cruz And Kasich Suddenly Dropped Out


Everyone is wondering why Governor John Kasich and Senator Ted Cruz dropped out of the 2016 GOP presidential race within 18 hours of each other. From what I have gathered from sources, it looks like both men could be setting themselves up for a Vice Presidential slot.

During the GOP primary on May 3,  both Kasich and Cruz were defeated by Donald Trump.  The sounding defeat left both men with no clear path to win the GOP nomination, which initially seemed to be the reason they dropped out. But there could be another explanation…

It looks like Ted Cruz and Donald Trump were on good terms with each other until they were the last two standing, even with Kasich still in the race but at a very distant third place.  Given that is it really a hard stretch of the imagination that the relationship of these two men  would be able to get back on solid ground if the two of them can seem to gain from the opportunity of joining forces.

Speaking of John Kasich even though he came out and literally said he was staying in the race right after Cruz dropped out, then only within 18 hours change his mind and drop out. What could have really changed between now and then??  Look at Kasich for being the primary reason why one of Donald Trump’s main rivals in the beginning, Marco Rubio is who I am talking about, could not get the Establishment to fully put their support behind him.

So I ask you if either John Kasich or Ted Cruz was to become Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential choice, would that be enough proof for you to say that was the reason why both of them dropped out of the 2016 Presidential Race so quickly. both of them dropped out of the 2016 Presidential Race so quickly.

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