Surge In Gun Sales Make Liberals Freak Out!!!


With the recent surge in gun sales liberals are freaking out at an alarming rate.  With the surge of gun sales it also created tens of thousands of jobs in 2015.  According to stats from the National Shooting Sports Foundation in 2015 the gun industry added an impressive 24,763 jobs for a nationwide grand total of 287,986.  That is increase of almost 10% from 2014 in manufacturing and retail jobs in guns, ammunition, and hunting gear, and other related supplies.  As reported also by the NSSF since 2008 there has been an outstanding increase of job growth and sales of 73% and according to the NSSF it is nothing short of remarkable.

But then again is it really nothing short of remarkable or is it the result of the establishments push for even stricter gun control laws.  Since being elected as President of The United States in 2008 Barack Obama has made it one of his main missions to help and destroy the Second Amendment of the constitution.  With Obama’s ever increasing call for more gun control he has proven over and over again that he is the best gun salesman in America.

When Obama delivered his speech on January 5th, 20116 calling for more expansion of background checks, gun shop owners like Bob Irwin, owner of The Gun Store in Las Vegas, said his gun sales have doubled in the last two weeks since Obama’s speech. He said 90% of all sales are handguns “that they can grab with one hand and defend themselves,” but he has also “sold a few of what they call assault rifles.”

So I have to agree that Barack Obama is the best salesman for the American Gun Industry can have.  Keep it up Obama and wake more people up to your New World Order gun grabbing agenda. And to the liberals keep freaking out when you see someone who is open carrying a pistol to their side because the Second Amendment is our gun permit to carry in public.  But just remember liberals you will need someone to protect you who are you going to call?

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