Patriarch Of “Duck Dynasty” Family Criticized For Prayer at NASCAR Race


The patriarch of the “Duck Dynasty’ Family Phil Robertson was criticized when he kicked off last Sunday’s NASCAR’s Duck Commander 500 with some very  impassioned comments about “Bibles and guns” — and with a prayer asking God to put a “Jesus man” in the White House.

Phil Robertson is the reality TV star, who comes under a great deal of fire when he voices his Christian convictions, opened up the prayer by thanking God for founding the United States and the asking the Lord to help the nation get back to its roots.  As Robertson continued to spoke to the audience at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, he told them “We got here via Bibles and guns” and “I’m fixin’ to pray that to one who made that possible.”  He also said “I pray father that we don’t forget you brought us — you,” and “Our faith in the blood of Jesus and his resurrection. Help us, father, to get back to that.”

Also in Robertson’s invocation the military was mentioned and he gave credit to the armed forces for helping protect Americans. “Our faith in you and the U.S. military is the reason we’re still here. I pray, father, we put a Jesus man in the White House,” he said. “Help us all to repent, to do what’s right, to love you more and to love each other.”

You can watch Phil Robertson’s Prayer from Texas Motor Speedway here.

We need to support people and businesses like Phil Robertson and Duck Commander/Buck Commander who uses their God given First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech.   Use your First Amendment or lose it forever people.

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