Knowing Your Rights When You Are With Police


I have been asked several times by people what rights do we have when we are approached by police officers and what shall we do.  Before I answer that I would like to say not all police officers are bad, in matter of fact majority of the police officers are nice respectable people who just want to do there job and go home to be with their families. But with that you do have some that abuse the badge for their own personal grudge that they have from the past.   That is one reason I am writing this article to inform every one of the rights that they have when they are stopped at a license check or on the street.


Your rights are as followed learn them, memorize them, and keep them near you at all times:


  1. Silence
  2. I can say “NO” if the police ask permission to search me or my belongings. Saying “NO” does not mean I have something to hide.
  3. I can leave unless I am being detained or arrested.
  4. If I am being detained or arrested, I have a right to know why, and I have a right to speak privately to a lawyer without delay-even if I can not afford to pay.
  5. I can only be strip-searched in private by officers of the same sex.
  6. I have a right to know a police officer’s name and badge number.
  7. I can report a police officer who abuses me, swears at me, or violates my rights.


Officer, if I am under arrest or being detained, please tell me so.  If I am free to go, please tell me so.  If I am not free to go, please tell me why.  I wish to exercise all my legal rights including my right to silence and my right to speak to a lawyer before I say anything to you.  I do not consent to be searched.  I wish to be released without delay.  Please do not ask me questions, because I will not willingly talk to you until I speak to a lawyer.  Thank you for respecting my rights.


These are your legal and lawfully rights given to you by the Constitution of the United States of America.  Make sure you know your rights and protect them.

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