Is North Carolina’s New Law Discrimination Against The LGBT Community?

With all the discussion about the bill that was signed into law on March 23 by North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory that some claims is restricting protections of the LGBT community let us take a look at this bill that was turned into law.  This bill called North Carolina House Bill 2, you can view the bill here, is the bill where an act to provide for single-sex multiple occupancy bathroom and changing facilities in schools and public agencies and to create statewide consistency in regulation of employment and public accommodations.

What this bill does is it prevents Transgender individuals from using the bathrooms of the gender they identify themselves as instead now they have to use the bathroom of their biological gender instead.  While this bill is being condemned by every major media group in America and they are saying this law is being used to block cities and counties from passing protections against LGBT discrimination.  Before I give my opinion if I agree or disagree with this law that was put into effect on March 23rd, lets look at the full reason for this to even being a topic of discussion.

Most people do not even notice transgender people when they go to the bathroom they think it is a person of the same gender as the one in the bathroom to start with.  Where all this started attention to the transgender issue was started at a high school where a male student who wanted to female and dressed like a female wanted to start using the girls locker room and showering with the female students.  When the school system refused to allow the transgender student to do this the student and students family screamed discrimination and forced the school system to change the policy.  If the student had the sex change surgery to go from male to female then it would not have been an issue.  And this is one of several cases that have brought us to this point where we are at now.

My opinion of this law that passed is this I have no problem with the passage of this bill that became law.  I actually support the bill and this is the reason why.  I have family members that are into the LGBT lifestyle and they know that I do not support the lifestyle because it is against GOD’S law.  But this law was enacted to protect the public from the ones who will act like they are transgender when they are not whether it is male or female and take advantage sexual of men, women, and children.

If you don’t agree with what I said then that is your right and I will respect your opinion but you should also respect my opinion as we all have the right to free speech and should respect all people’s opinions even if we do not agree with them.

2 thoughts on “Is North Carolina’s New Law Discrimination Against The LGBT Community?

  1. Well, to me the problem is that it appears to be a law to address a danger that basically doesn’t exist. There aren’t any lurking crowds of “fake transgender” pedophile rapists or assaulters. Pedophiles sometimes go after kids of their own gender. This law won’t protect against them. Rapists will just wait until a kid is in a bathroom (or elsewhere) alone. It won’t protect against them either.

    So it doesn’t really help anyone. Does it harm anyone? Yes, it restricts access to bathrooms for a tiny number of people trying to adjust to a transition that already carries a high social stigma. They aren’t going to do their business in front of others. They would go into a stall. Considering how few people this concerns, isn’t it easier and cheaper to provide them with a private shower rather than the expense of fighting lawsuits and earning the state a reputation for inhospitality?

    How much money was spent to insure that for a scapegoated few, they can now feel even more despised and rejected?


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