Dealing With The Attacks Of Liberals


You know they say in war when you are right over the enemy they will start attacking you.  The same is true in journalism when you are telling something truthful that people does not want to hear it is more then certain that you will be attacked for what you are saying and when that happens you are doing your job.  When you have people talking and you are about to cause a controversy and did I every stir up one controversy with my March 13th article on Obama Says He Has Not Contributed To Dividing America.

What I am talking about is when I posted that article last Sunday in a group that I am apart of on Facebook group a guy that was in the group went absolutely ballistic when he read the article.  But honestly folks I thought it was hilarious with his verbal attack.  Which honestly it was not an attack it was more of verbal barrage of personal attacks from a new age liberal.

But when the truth is told you have to be prepared for the attack of liberals or anyone that does not agree with what you say.  Most of these attacks will come in the form of an ad hominem attack.  The ad hominem attack is a logical fallacy that means this fallacy literally “against the man.”  This is a classic debate tactic where instead of attacking and argument’s validity, the debater will instead attack the opponent.

You will have to be prepared for these attacks because they will be personal attacks against you and not against what you say.  The attack will be ones of name calling, belittling, and overall threats.   One of the tactics that they like to use is calling you a racist.  When they do that they are trying to throw you off your debate stance and my you lower yourself to the level of name calling.

Be prepared for the attacks and stand vigil in your beliefs for ones will attack and you have to be well prepared.

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