A Step Toward Breaking Down America As A Society

With the start of the NCAA college basketball tournament better known as March Madness and craziness that goes along with it reminds me just how far this society in America has broken down to basically allow a game to put an almost sudden stop to everything that is going on. Rather it is a group of students petitioning their University to cancel classes so they can watch their University of North Carolina at Wilmington Seahawks versus Duke in the first round, but thank goodness the University held its ground and did not cancel classes.

Now before you start asking yourself “what is wrong with you do you not like March Madness or sports in general?” I will have to correct you and say yes I love sports and I grew up playing sports. I am big fan of college football and basketball, pro football, and soccer, but I will say this even though I do love sports rather it is watching or playing them I do not allow them to consume and control me anymore.

But to get back to where I was going with how the global elite are taking the steps toward breaking down America as a society. One of the ways that is being used to destroy America is that the people of this once great nation is being turned into a “ME” society. I know that at least one person that reads this article will be asking the question what does this writer mean by a “ME” society? That is a good and one that I had planned to answer either way.

A “ME” society is a society where they only have one concern and that only concern that they have is for there own self and well being and for no one else. I am not saying that you should neglect your own needs to help everyone else, but what I am saying is that you need to look out not only for yourself but also your family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers. In turn the people you help should pay it forward and help others out the way you helped them out.

Where does this “ME” society come from? It comes from the TV shows, music, sports and social media push the agenda of only looking out for yourself. This trend needs to be stopped and it needs to be stopped now. The one way to do it is to turn off all the bad influences that contribute to this negative trend and rediscover the world of real human interaction.

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