During an interview on Fox News with national correspondent John Roberts Black Lives Matter co-founder Marissa Jenae Johnson said the phrase “all lives matter is a “new racial slur.”

So now in the being political correct and “everything is racist” world the phrase “all lives matter” has been added to the every growing list of words and terms that is now being called racist. What will be the next word or phrase that will be added to this list that may offend someone?

It is more then likely that you remember Marissa Jenae Johnson from the summer of 2015 as the lady that stormed the stage at a Bernie Sanders rally and took the mic and left Bernie looking foolish as he left the stage.

In the interview the 24 year old activist from Seattle said “White Americans have created the conditions that require a phrase like ‘Black Likes Matter.” “Do you know how horrific it is to grow up as a child in a world that so hates you? While you’re literally being gunned down in the street, while you’re being rounded up and mass incarcerated and forced into prison slavery.”
I have to ask this who is doing the gunning down? According to the FBI’s own statistics the majority of the gunning down is black on black crime not white on black crime. And are we suppose to believe that we do not have a legal system that doesn’t work anymore and that people are just picked up off the street and took straight to prison.
Johnson added “Black Lives Matter is not a strong enough statement for me. What it’s gonna take to dismantle white supremacy is white folks actually gotta give up something. You have to actually sacrifice yourself. You have to be willing to give up the things that you currently benefit from.”

What is it that the white folks have to sacrifice Marissa? Let everyone know what it is the white folks have to give up.

The Black Lives Matter is funded by people like George Soros who want to divide and destroy America. It is used as a distraction to help people from all races to come together and be of one race the human face. Click here to see the interview done by Fox News.


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