New York Times Columnist Calls For Donald Trumps Assassination


Whether or not you support Donald Trump as he runs for president of the United States, you have to be appalled that a columnist would call in a tweet for the assassination of a candidate that is running for office. The columnist in question that caused all this outrage is Ross Douthat who writes for the New York Times. Even though The New York Times is a known as very pro liberal and mouthpiece for the global elite, this is a very disgusting show of journalism choice by Ross Douthat.

On Wednesday February 24th, Douthat tweeted out what he calls a joke about saying how an assassination attempt could end Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In his tweet he said “Good news guys I’ve figured out how the Trump campaign ends” with a video clip attached to the tweet.


The video clip in question is from the 1983 movie called The Dead Zone. The movie is based on a 1979 book by Stephen King, which features a character played by Christopher Walken attempting to gun down a political figure played by Martin Sheen. In the plot, Walken’s character tries to kill the US Senatorial candidate (played by Sheen) because he has visions of him becoming president in the future and starting a nuclear war. Sheen’s character holds up a baby as a human shield during the assassination attempt, destroying his credibility.
As I stated earlier it is appalling to have talk about an assassination attempt on any public figure whether you are joking or not is very crass and disturbing to say the least. But what makes this more relevant to Trump is that he faces that very real threat of being a target daily. In an interview Trump’s former advisor Roger Stone said that Trump wears a bullet proof vest to all public appearance due to the face that he gets death threats on a regular basis. The sheer volume of the death threats that Donald Trump receives are truly astonishing.

Just remember last October after reports came out that the drug lord El Chapo had put a $100 million bounty on his head, Donald Trump started wearing a bullet proof vest. He also started receiving Secret Service protection around that time. Also back in December when Trump made his controversial comments about the Muslim immigration, Twitter exploded with death threats against him.

The attacks on Trump as we get closer to the Republican convention in Cleveland will only get more and more aggressive as they come. But the joking of an assassination attempt on a public figure is just plain stupid and shows a lack of character and judgment.


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