Is AG Lynch Obama’s Top Choice For Supreme Court Justice


Is President Obama planning and getting ready to go against the long standing eighty year old established tradition of allowing the new president to appoint the new Supreme Court Justice of the United States. All indications are pointing to Obama doing just that and appointing a new Supreme Court Justice before he leaves office.

Obama does in fact already have a shortlist of candidates that he wants to put in place as the new Supreme Court Justice before he leaves office. The name that sticks out
the most on the list is the one of Attorney General Loretta Lynch. This makes perfect sense for Obama to have AG Lynch in as the new Justice as she we give the push of the Supreme Court to the liberal left.

According to one of the most influential Supreme Court blogger Tom Goldstein initially believed that the Ninth Circuit Judge Paul Watford would get the initial nomination. But in a revised post, Goldstein said that he now believes Lynch is the leading contender to replace Scalia. Lynch is a “very serious possibility,” Goldstein reported. “The fact that Lynch was vetted recently for attorney general also makes it practical for the president to nominate her in relatively short order.”

Lynch is she is nominated and confirmed, Lynch will carry the liberal mantle to the nation’s highest court and that mantle is that they believe the government should be able to limit speech. The said part is that a full 40% of college educated millennials believe the government has the authority to persecute individuals who make offensive comments against the government designated minority groups. But on good thing is that by a recent Pew Research Poll found that majority of Americans support the First Amendment.

We all need to contact our Senators and Congress representatives and tell them that we do not support any nomination to the Supreme Court that Obama wants to put forward.

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