Abortion Group Ridicules Super Bowl Ad For “Humanizing Fetuses”


The pro abortion group NARAL Pro-Choice America is attacking a Doritos Super Bowl 50 ad for what they call humanizing baby fetuses. In the ad a pregnant woman is getting an ultrasound done while her husband beside her realizes that the unborn baby will move and lunge in the direction of the Doritos that he is snacking on. The soon to be dad keeps toying with the baby as it keeps attempting in vain to reach from the womb for the chips until the soon to be mother throws the Doritos chip across the room. This prompts the child decides to make an early arrival by launching itself outside of moms’ womb towards the chip.

The response as you can see here:


The NARAL says that the ad used “an anti choice tactic of humanizing fetuses.” This statement does nothing but shows how the NARAL and very similar groups dehumanize the unborn in a vain attempt to justify abortion especially in the wake of the Planned Parenthood sting videos that exposed majority of the top officials admitted that they sale aborted baby organs for huge profits.

But did the NARAL just stop there? No they did not. They continued by calling a Snickers ad that featured actor William Dafoe in a dress “transphobic”, a Hyundai ad for a dad taking away his daughters autonomy, and a Buick ad for depicting “women fighting over a wedding bouquet.” Come On NARAL GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

But people need to wake up to what is going on with groups like the NARAL and others are trying to do. This is all part of a Political Correctness campaign spearheaded by the authoritarian left to not only control free speech but also how people think


2 thoughts on “Abortion Group Ridicules Super Bowl Ad For “Humanizing Fetuses”

  1. Here’s a thought. Human fetuses are…HUMAN! You can’t humanize something that is already human. To claim that someone “humanizes something,” one claims to add human attributes to something that is non-human. Its like me claiming to translate this sentence into English when it already is in English. NARAL exemplifies the logical absurdities that arise from ultra-liberal propaganda. Great article my friend!

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