A Look At The Presidential Debate


I was planning to start covering the presidential race after the first of the year and really doing an in-depth look at the subject , but after watching the December 15th GOP Debate and December 19th Democratic Debate I decided to go ahead and start covering them now. After seeing, watching, and hearing what all the so-called pundits from main stream media had to say about both debates it is clear the biased towards certain candidates and the outright disdain for others is perfectly clear. The so-called pundits need to make their opinions known but stopping shoving the candidate they want to win down our throat and let the American people make up their own mind from doing their own research of the candidates. So with that said I am going to give my own two cents opinions on the debates.


On the Democrat side you have three candidates in Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley. All I have to say on this race is that Hillary is the hand picked Democrat candidate to be the party’s choice for president. The only reason that the debates are going on is to try and position her for a bigger push once to contest is between her and the Republican nominee. I don’t understand why people can not see what is going on with DNC.

Now on to the GOP side you have a glutton of candidates who for whatever reason think they should be president of the United States. They are 14 of them running while I will mention some, I will not mention all of them because the ones not mentioned was put in as minor pawns to distract people from the real candidates. The top three from the last GOP Debate was as follows:

1. Rand Paul
2. Donald Trump
3. Ted Cruz

Now stating this is only my opinion and I believe everyone has the right to disagree or agree with my rankings. But Rand Paul has won the past 2 debates and is showing the resilient to lead this country as president. Speaking of Donald Trump when he first started running I thought he was a plant to divide to GOP and give an easy win to the Democrat Party. But as time has gone along he is proven that he is not a plant and is serious about turning this country around. Even though I disagree with some of his statements on National Security and censorship, I will have to say his plans for this country moving forward is solid.

I do not trust Macro Rubio, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie, and John Kasich to do nothing but keep and continue the same policies that current administration in place to destroy America. And the nice lie that Main Stream Media keeps pushing that Jeb Bush is the Republican frontrunner is nothing but a joke to see if the people will buy the lie and unfortunately a lot of people believe the lie.

Folks we need a change in this country and another Clinton or Bush is not the answer. Research the candidates and find out what they really stand for. It is time to wake up America.

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